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In a series of online lectures, distinguished experts in the field of hybrid imaging will share their knowledge about various modalities and subspecialties related to the fusion of nuclear medicine and radiology as well as molecular and translational imaging.

Moreover, the recordings of the lectures are available on the website, so every active member can enjoy and rewatch the lectures at their own convenience. The webinars are for members only! Source : Kesch et al. Source : Giesel et al. Through his still close connection with the basic medical subjects pre-clinical school Dr. Today, Dr. Giesel has published over scientific work and holds several patents in the field of imaging science and is board certified in radiology and nuclear medicine.

Furthermore, he acquired over the last years over 2. Clemens Cyran Munich, DE. Novel specific PET tracers are under development for hematological malignancies that aim at improved pathophysiological characterization of disease and personalized therapy guidance.

webinar g. jakuševa stil i

In this context, specific theranostic tracer twins using the identical ligand for diagnosis and treatment are proposed for radioligand therapy. Clemens C. Cyran completed his residency in radiology in Munich in and is also board certified in diagnostic nuclear medicine. Due to the current CoVid pandemic and the urgent need for medical professionals, Prof. Cook will have to divert his time to clinical duties. Therefore, he will not be able to hold the lecture as planned and we have to cancel the webinar.

We are sure that you are disappointed, but we are working to find a suitable replacement date and will let you know as soon as we found one. Date: April 23, Speaker: Dr.

John Dickson London, UK. In recent years, there has a been a silent and growing revolution in SPECT technology and its applications. In this webinar, developments in SPECT software and hardware will be showcased, together with how these developments will impact the future of nuclear medicine imaging and therapy. John C. Dickson Ph. John completed his Ph. In addition to his clinical interests, John is a keen academic and educator with over 70 peer reviewed papers, book chapters, books and on-line teaching resources.

John sits on numerous UK and international committees, and acts as a consultant for various commercial and non-commercial organisations. Date: May 28, Speaker: Dr. During his training period, for his merits he was awarded a scholarship by the Official College of Physicians of Valencia and invited by the Mount Sinai Medical Hospital of New York to perform a rotation in the Department of Radiology.

Malene Fischer London, UK. This online lecture will elaborate why and how PET imaging can be applied for radiotherapy planning. A variety of clinical examples will illustrate the impact of PET for radiotherapy planning. Send your guess to office eshi-society.If you've been invited to join a webinar, you'll first need to register for the session. You can do this ahead of time or right before joining.

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Learn more. Note: If the organizer sets up manual approval, then they must first approve your registration before you receive a Confirmation email and Join link. Show All Hide All. Once you've registered, you will receive a Confirmation email that includes specific join information.

When the webinar is about to begin, you can use that information to get into session. Note: Not time for your live webinar yet? No problem! You can also try a test webinar first.

Note: If you are the organizer of the webinar and are trying to start the broadcast, please click sign in now at the bottom of the window to log in to your GoToWebinar account and get started. Once you've finished setting up your audio, you're all set!

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Depending on whether the webinar has started yet, you'll see one of the following:. Still need some help getting into session?

Register first Join the webinar Set up audio Watch the webinar Still need help? Click the Registration link to open the Registration page.

Enter your contact information and fill out any other required fields, then click Register. Once you've successfully registered, you'll see a Confirmation page. In most cases, the Registration link can be accessed from the Invitation email sent to you by the organizer.

Alternatively, they might have posted it somewhere online such as Twitter or Facebook or even sent it in an instant message. For security purposes, only the organizer can provide you with the Registration URL. If you are unable to find it, please contact the individual who invited you to the webinar and ask them to resend it. What does "the webinar is full" mean? If you are trying to join a session but received a message stating "The webinar is full", then the session already has the maximum number of attendees that are allowed.

You will not be able to join the session unless one of the attendees who has already joined leaves the session. This is because each organizer's GoToWebinar account has a subscription plan with a maximum number of attendees that they can have in any given webinar.Log in.

Hi [[ session. Done well, email personalization cements the relationship between consumer and brand. Performed poorly, perhaps nothing drives a bigger wedge between the two.

The more points of contact you can correctly personalize, the stronger the bond, and those organizations pushing beyond dynamic field insertion e. Eastern on Wednesday, February 17 for a live interactive exec roundtable "Becoming an email personalization powerhouse. Recorded Feb 17 63 mins.

Your place is confirmed, we'll send you email reminders Add to calendar Outlook iCal Google. Watch for free. Presentation preview:. Related topics: marketing automation marketing martech systems more…. Network with like-minded attendees More attendees. Remove Cancel. Add a photo. Hide me from other attendees. Show me. Channel Channel profile VentureBeat. Up Down. VentureBeat x Envestnet Yodlee. This new and growing open banking ecosystem offers numerous benefits for those who are positioned to leverage it to create innovative apps and solutions.

Save your seat. Gamers are very passionate about their entertainment. When the global community went into quarantine, the number of at-home gamers rose to new levels in the first half of As we all reset how we live and operate, the question becomes: How do you retain your new and loyal users, and keep them happy in your gaming ecosystem? In this webinar, you will hear insights and learn: - Why is it important to build loyalty programs through subscriptions with players now?

Fraudsters are bolder than ever. With it, phishing schemes, application scams, mule recruitment, stimulus payment and loan fraud, and more are ramping up. They're following the money: for the first time ever the number of ACH debit transfers has exceeded the number of check payments. To combat fraud, Nacha has launched new account validation requirements. Join this VB Live event to learn how to leverage fraud safety measures into consumer satisfaction, where to find the best sources of fraud intelligence, plus an overview of the online payment landscape, tips on getting compliant with the new account validation requirements, and more.

Digital innovations are more critical than ever for small businesses pivoting to address new challenges in a time when resources are limited and streamlined online communication becomes critical.

Digital agreements, for example, can streamline current processes, so that you can focus on your employee and customer experience.You have lots of options when it comes to joining webinars! You can use the desktop app on your Windows or Mac Computer, use a Chrome browser to join online, or even join on the go using your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device. See Compare Join Methods to learn more about which of the 3 available join methods you will use.

Note: Are you an attendee just trying to prepare for your first webinar ahead of time? Check out our Get Ready page!

webinar g. jakuševa stil i

To save you time, we've designed the desktop software to automatically install itself when you join a session. Note that this is not a live session, so as soon as you see the confirmation screen appear you can exit.

Once you register for a session, the Confirmation email will include a unique link. This is the Join URL; you can open it in any web browser to automatically join the session! If you don't have the Join URL or are having trouble being automatically launched into session, you can join by manually entering the Session ID.

This will also be included in the session invitation shown as b above. If you are on a computer, open a web browser Chrome preferred and go to www. Then open the app and enter the Meeting ID. When you join a webinar, there are 3 unique methods with which you can be launched into session. They will vary depending on things like operating system and browser type.

Join a Session FAQs. In-Session FAQs. Back To Home. How can we help you?

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Rate your Experience. Desktop app required — Join from software downloaded onto your Windows or Mac computer.

Mobile app required — Join on the go from your mobile phone or tablet. Benefits: Get into session quickly and easily Join from almost any computer, even if not compatible with the desktop app. Benefits: Join sessions on the go with one click Present content using a virtual whiteboard iPad only.Feature Your Job Posting Here. One failing is that, right now, parts are not accurate enough.

As the technology improves so will part accuracy. What do we do now, however? Will accuracy limitations stop us from industrializing manufacturing with 3D printing? How can we make more accurate 3D printed parts today? What design and manufacturing constraints do we have to take into account today in order to make parts? Blueprint Engineering consultant David Busacker will help you answer these questions in this webinar.

The first webinar in the Thinking Additively Series, will take a closer look at part accuracy.

webinar g. jakuševa stil i

David will look at Digital Tooling and through this lens look at the unavoidable inaccuracies in 3D printing. Digital Tooling is the idea that hard tooling will be replaced by digitally aproximate tooling.

David will look at how the geometry of 3D printed files defines and describes them. By taking this into account he will look at how meshes, layers and the toolpaths influence inaccuracies. In the meshes section for example David looks at how meshes are made, why we use meshes, what detail levels in meshes mean and more.

In layers, David explains how layers influence how parts are made and described. Vector and voxel-based toolpaths are also described graphically for you to understand better. Share this Article. If you think that bars and coffee shops are places that will be left untouched by 3D printers, you could be mistaken. Technology continues to improve at a fast rate How do you get through the day — with a cup of coffee or a glass of ice-cold Coca Cola, or an energy drink the likes of Red Bull and Israeli drug delivery company Syqe Medical has made a 3D printed medical marijuana inhaler.

This intersection of all the buzz lacks only in a nanomaterial and big data, or it View our broad assortment of in house and third party products. Upload your 3D Models and get them printed quickly and efficiently. Register to view and download proprietary industry data from SmarTech and 3DPrint. Log In. Site Sponsor: FacFox. Upcoming Events External Events.

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Guides Podcast Videos Webinars. Article Series. A curated collection of industry and product deep-dives. View All. Exclusive Content. Videos, podcasts, product reviews and free downloadable resources.

Powerful search with product databases and business directories. His career had him at key roles at key times for 3D printing at Honeywell, Lockheed, and ArconicWebinar registration already full? NASA is about to launch the Mars mission — and now is the time to get your patrons excited! The Perseverance rover will launch between July August 15,and will land on Mars in February Invite your patrons to participate in its journey!

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Hear from NASA Mars scientists, learn some activities you can conduct online or in-person, and make plans to hold your own virtual or in-person launch or landing parties! Candice Bedford, who studies sedimentary and volcanic processes that provide insight into the ancient and modern geology of Mars. In this session, you will meet the STEAM Equity project partners, learn about the project timeline and how to apply to become a participating library, and learn about STEAM programming that you can bring to your library today.

This project will have a unique two-step application process: we are asking interested libraries to submit a short Notice of Intent NOI now to determine eligibility and a full application later in the year. The deadline for submitting an NOI is July 20, Are you gearing up to conduct virtual programs at your library and looking for tips, guidance, strategies, and resources?

They can also allow your library staff to still engage with regular patrons during the COVID crisis. During this webinar, we will have an open and honest conversation about how we consider audience needs for webinars and choose a platform that is right for them. Bringing the Stories of the Skies to Your Library. The starry skies have plenty of fascinating stories to tell; all you need are resources and strategies for bringing them to life!

Join STAR NetChristine Shupla Lunar and Planetary Instituteand Elizabeth Nicolai Anchorage Public Library for this 1-hour webinar that will help you connect constellation legends and myths into your programs by learning about the stories — both fact and fiction! We will also cover hands-on activities that your patrons can do at home and online platforms and digital resources that you can utilize to conduct virtual programs.

This webinar will conclude with a group discussion via chat about how your library is pivoting for their summer STEAM programming. By hosting Earth science programs that are age inclusive, you can help patrons see your library as a place for engaging family learning. Join us to learn about free hands-on STEM activities, programming ideas, how to harness the power of teens in environmental advocacy, and ways your library can take action for a sustainable world!

Grappling with Unconscious Bias in the Library Setting. No matter how good our intentions may be, we are all susceptible to forming social stereotypes about certain groups of people outside of our own conscious awareness.The latest US restrictions will not stop Huawei from meeting current orders for broadband and 5G equipment, but the Chinese vendor still has no long-term fix to sanctions that may cut off one of its most important suppliers, Huawei told reporters on a call earlier today.

The update came weeks after the US government tightened measures against Huawei to choke off supplies of components made with US equipment or design expertise. While yet to take effect, that decision means Huawei cannot buy vital basestation and server components from TSMC, a Taiwanese "fab" that currently relies on US equipment to make semiconductors for HiSilicon, Huawei's in-house chips unit. Victor Zhang, Huawei's head of global government affairs, says that meeting current demand is no problem.

In June, New Street Research said the Chinese vendor had "12 months left to live," while analysts at Jefferies think it will run out of important components by March next year.

The possibility of Huawei's demise has prompted a UK government rethink about its role in the country's telecom networks. The UK's National Cyber Security Centre, which is conducting a review, is also said to be worried that new components may pose additional security risks.

Huawei was also banned from the "core," the control center of any network. Several UK operators are heavily reliant on Huawei and have complained that a government ban would delay the rollout of 5G networks and cost "hundreds of millions" in rip-and-replace costs.

Regardless of a ban, operators will turn to rivals such as Ericsson and Nokia if Huawei can no longer meet their equipment needs because of US sanctions.

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Zhang told reporters that Huawei is currently in talks with suppliers and partners to understand the "long-term impact" of the latest US restrictions, especially on its access to semiconductors. But he was unable to provide any reassurance that Huawei has alternatives in view if it is eventually cut off from TSMC.

Want to know more about 5G? Check out our dedicated 5G content channel here on Light Reading. The Taiwanese fab has reportedly stopped taking orders from Huawei and said other clients can fill the void.

However, the latest US sanctions could have the unintended consequence of persuading fabs to invest in non-US equipment, so they are able to continue serving Huawei. Sign In Register. The Edge. Private Networks. White Papers. Huawei still has no fix to being cut off from TSMC. Comment 0. Like what we have to say? Click here to sign up to our daily newsletter Related Stories. DDoS Trends Report. The Challenge of 5G Security. Blue Planet 5G Automation. Converging and Automating 5G Networks.

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Network Slicing and 5G Future Shock. Global update on 5G spectrum. A first look at 3GPP Rel and beyond. Edge Computing. Asia Tech

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